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Music. Wellness. Balance. 

Hey, I'm Caitlyn! 

I am a guitarist and teacher! But I also have a passion for wellness, so I help professional artists find more balance in their lives through practical wellness. 

Have you ever felt like the busy schedule, countless hours dedicating to your craft, and all of the behind the scenes work of making a successful creative career has taken away from other areas of your life? Me too! I found that using a practical method of improving and maintaining wellness, there is less stress about what you "should" be doing and more time to enjoy life. 

So how do I know I can help you? Fair question! I had a period of life when I was doing way too much, and would learn every productivity hack to deal with it. I had an epiphany that I was over-prioritizing my output (i.e. my success) and not really looking at the big picture. I was not going to be successful if I wasn't healthy, stressing about money, and not taking the time to truly relax.


I decided to start being intentional about improving each dimension of wellness, and even with my busy schedule, I noticed better focus on my work, my craft improved, and I could even relax without thinking about everything I should be doing! That's balance to me, and I love sharing everything I know to help others achieve it too. 

When I'm not working, teaching, or playing guitar, you'll probably find me obsessing over my cat Jasper or embarking on some DIY project. I love metal, fantasy shows and movies, and anything medieval or renaissance-y.  

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