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Lessons & Coaching

Guitar Lessons

I offer guitar lessons for beginner to advanced students at any age. While I specialize in classical guitar, I am able to teach beginners in other styles as well. I take a collaborative approach with my students to ensure they are engaged with material they want to learn, while also covering fundamentals to create a strong musical foundation. Lessons are offered via Skype, Zoom, or in-home lessons in the Northern Virginia area. 


I am available to coach classical guitar soloists or small ensembles to tackle specific areas of need. This can range anywhere from working on a full piece of music to tackling specific technical problems you are having in your playing. Coaching can be useful to prepare for auditions or competitions, or if you just feel stuck in your playing and need some advice.  

Live coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom

Like a lesson, we will set up a time for a coaching session for live feedback and the opportunity for you to ask questions as we go. When signing up for a session, please let me know what you will be playing for me and let me know your initial questions/areas of concern. 

Video Response Coaching

Rather than setting up a live session, we can exchange videos. At $18 per video exchange, this is both a budget and time friendly option. After you submit a video recording of your playing and let me know what you are looking for out of the coaching, I will send you a video response with my feedback/suggestions, as well as a written summary of my main points. 

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