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Are you a musician or creative struggling to find balance between your career and personal life? 


 maybe you struggle with...

  • making time to spend with friends and loved ones... or even just time for yourself! 

  • prioritizing your well-being along with your career aspirations

  • following through with plans or goals because you are too overwhelmed

As a musician myself I found it tough to feel successful in my career while also feeling like I had a thriving personal life. 

I found that intentionally working on my well-being by establishing routines and creating boundaries made space for better work-life balance. I also learned it's a constantly evolving process because our life circumstances are always changing.

Not only did I feel more fulfilled in my personal life, without feeling guilty that I wasn't doing enough for my music, but I also found that I could focus better on my work and practice. Win-win! 

Now I'm on a mission to help other musicians and creatives find their definition of balance. Introducing...

Forging balance logo.png

Forging Balance is designed to help musicians and creatives build sustainable work-life balance without having to sacrifice their dedication to their craft.


forging balance is a monthly membership with two levels

  • Facebook Community Access

  • Monthly co-working session

  • Facebook Community Access

  • Monthly co-working session

  • Monthly Group call

  • Course Access 


Participate in monthly accountability threads to receive direct support and accountability from me. There will also be spaces to ask questions to help strategize your goals. 

monthly co-working

Join monthly co-working calls to tackle your to-do lists and get on track with your goals. 

monthly group calls

Get direct access to me to discuss your well-being goals and strategize how to achieve them, and let's figure out what's working for you and what's not! Replays also available if you can't make the live call. 

The Forging Balance Course - available to Broadsword members - includes  workshops and guides on topics around well-being and work-life balance for musicians. The course is updated for all users when new videos are made available. 

Topics include: 
Jump-Start Your Work-Life Balance



... and more! 

  • Forging Balance: Dagger

    Every month
    • Private Community Access
    • Monthly Co-Working Session
  • Forging Balance: Broadsword

    Every month
    • Forging Balance Course
    • Private Community Access
    • Two Monthly Group Calls
    • Monthly Co-Working Session
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